Egnyte Integration



Egnyte is a satisified Asana customer. We use Asana across many of our internal teams for project and task tracking and we’d find tremendous value in being able to access our Egnyte files from within the Asana Web UI.


Yeah this would be great, Egnyte being the Enterprise cloud file system this would be a perfect fit for Asana!



Please add this!


Hi @Tom_Bingham! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. This helps us continue to expand Asana and learn the needs of our customers :).


Yes please! This is a much needed addition.



We at Benchmark Genetics are using Egnyte as our storing/file sharing system and are using Asana as our project management tool thus we would appreciate this integration very much.


Yes Please… Both Asana & Egnyte are great applications and together would be perfect…


Asana, G-Suite, Slack, Egnyte… 3 of the 4 are connected. Asana… please, please, pretty please… connect with Egnyte!


Yes please, Egnyte and Asana would be extremely powerful


Yes, please! Asana is great, but we use Egnyte for our file management and NEED integration.


As the Creative Director at Egnyte, i can attest to Asana being a central part of our workflow. Nothing goes into the creative department without going into Asana.

In the same way we use asana, nothing in marketing gets done that isn’t stored/accessed/shared from Egnyte. We use our solution in every day and everything.

An Egnyte integration would make my job a lot smoother as well as increase adoption within the organization. Right now only marketing is using Asana.


Yes please! This feature would greatly increase our use-cases for Asana if this were present. All of our working documents are kept in Egnyte!


Yes please! I would use Asana much more and promote Asana with our collaborators if this functionality existed!


Another vote from an Egnyte & Asana user who would love to seamlessly attach Egnyte files into Asana tasks


Our team uses Egnyte for file management and collaboration. We have just started using Asana for project management. It’d be great to have the capabilities of accessing and sharing files, comments and tasks between the applications.:+1::muscle:


We explored some time ago using Egnyte and our Netgear ReadyNAS systems with Asana. We asked early on if there was integration and we were told no plans. Maybe this will help light a fire?


Another vote for YES, here. With no integration, we must create multiple instances of the same file we have in Egnyte in Asana. Duplication of files is not good for us, particularly when we end up with multiple versions. Our workaround is to paste an Egnyte Direct Link in Asana instead of attachment.


I would love for the ability to share Egnyte links within Asana interface, without necessarily creating any new permissions or share links.

If you could also adjust create share links and adjust sharing settings, that would be a plus too


Yes, please give us an integration option with Egnyte!


Absolutely yes please add an Egnyte integration. This would be extremely useful for my organization.