Duplicate a Dashboard In Reporting Tab

The new Reporting tab in Asana is very helpful.
It really helps me as a manager to keep track of my team progress.

My team and I work in sprints, so we create a new project for each sprint. After that, I create a Reporting dashboard to track the sprint progress and see if something is delayed, using custom charts. The problem is that I need to create all the charts from scratch every time a new sprint begins , which is quite exhausting.

It would be really helpful if I could just duplicate the last sprint’s dashboard and simply change the linked project.


If you connect a dashboard to the project template, a duplicated dashboard is created whenever you create a project with that template.

While this solution does solve the problem described above, I still believe that duplicating dashboards should be possible.


Hi @anon75734611, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

I agree that this would be a very helpful feature! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future. I’ll let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:


I’m sure this has been suggested already, but I’d love to be able to duplicate reports in the new ‘Reporting’ area of Asana. Sometimes I want to create a bunch of similar reports but swap out the custom field or timeframe and duplicating an existing report would make this a lot easier.


Great suggestion! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @paulminors. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback. We will keep you posted if we have any news about this feature!

I agree! Or is there a way to make a report where you can filter the entire report by project? I built a form for Peer evals where each question ties to a field so I can pull averages - it would be amazing to use this and filter the entire report by project/person, or duplicate the reports so I can manually change the filters in each rather than building each one custom

So, copying a dashboard is still not possible, but something very close is:

Now, one can create a dashboard linked to a project template, and whenever a new project is created with that template the dashboard linked to the template is duplicated and filled according to the new project.

While this ability is very helpful, I still believe that we should have an ability to duplicate a dashboard, therefor I do not remove the product feedback, but changing its title.

Hi Sagi, could you show me how you did this? I am unsure how to “link” a dashboard. Copying Dashboards from project templates is really important to my company. I hope Asana fixes this soon but in the meantime, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Mikeslandscaping ,

The ability I described above was quite amazing, but it was dropped due to a bug in Asana. You can see about it here.

I hope that Asana will fix it soon, because it has been this way for a few months and it wasn’t fixed yet.

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Is there any update on this? Or do we have a work around to duplicate dashboards in reporting tab?

Thank you very much.

Still no update here from the admins?

1yr is a long time for a feature request.

Let’s be real, this is super simple to implement. Can we get this feature added?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Robert_Goodman!

Even if seems easy to implement it might not be on Asana‘s roadmap or not yet. Cannot tell as they do not share a public roadmap.
However I‘d also like to refer to my comment here.

I have built out a great dashboard that shows tasks for the year. It would great to have the ability to duplicate a dashboard and go into each graph to update the dates instead of having to rebuild the entire dashboard for next year.

Because of automation linking with Teams and Zapier I typically keep the same project open each year and just have new tasks coming in. It would be great to still be able to duplicate dashboards without having to create a new Project.

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we need a feature where we can duplicate one whole dashboard together with its cards/reports

We can now duplicate a chart, let’s hope this is coming as well! That being said, I struggle to find a use case for duplicating an entire dashboard, seems quite rare isn’t it?

Hey @Jaro_Necesito, I have found an existing feedback request thread so I merged your post into that one. Don’t forget to upvote.

Here is a use case for duplicating an entire dashboard:
I’m setting up a dashbord for each project participant. It contains list of tasks with custom focus, to make sure everyone are doing important and invoicable tasks. Also it contains number of invoiced hours this month, and a few other relevant charts.

Doing this for a lot of people should not be nessecary if I could just duplicate the entire dashboard. I can come up with multiple other use cases, but this is the one I’m spending time on right now.

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Makes a lot of sense! Thanks

Any movement on this? Each report for us is set up by year and inside we have monthly and quarterly charts; it would be fantastic to be able to duplicate a year with all of the multiple tracking chart types inside and just change the date ranges for the new year! Looking forward to progress on this! Best! Stephen (We wouldn’t be able to survive without Asana Reports!) :slight_smile:

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