Ability to duplicate a Report Dashboard

we need a feature where we can duplicate one whole dashboard together with its cards/reports

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Hi all!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I’m happy to share we’re rolling out Duplicate Dashboards in Universal Reporting

You’ll now be able to duplicate a dashboard in the “Reporting” tab for easier setup and standardization across your Organization. If you have access to a dashboard, you’ll be able to copy all of the charts and simply edit slight differences to suit your needs!

How does it work?

To duplicate a dashboard, simply click into the “Reporting” tab on the left hand sidebar.

Once here, you can find the dashboard that you’d like to duplicate and click on the triple dot icon. Then, you can click on “Duplicate”

If you’re already in the dashboard, click on the triple dot icon near the dashboard name on the top left and click on “Duplicate”

A prompt should pop up, where you’ll be able to name your dashboard and select if you’d like to include the same members and description. When you’re ready, simply click on “Create new dashboard” - and you’re all set!


This feature has fully rolled out!