Due date selector box has dynamic height which makes skipping months difficult

I have recently noticed, but cannot confirm for how long this exists, that the height of the date selector is dynamic, adjusting according to the number of weeks in any particular month i.e. increasing in height for months with more weeks, and reducing in height for shorter months (depending on which days of the month a new week starts).

Because the height is dynamic, skipping ahead/back becomes irritating because every time the height of the box changes, the user now needs to move the pointer around to hit to the navigation arrows, instead of just being able to hit skip (x) times.

This might seem like a small issue, and I guess it is, but depending on where the date selector happens to be positioned in the viewport, missing the arrow often means clicking something else below, and opening up some other dialogue etc…

Please make the date selector a fixed height.

@Paul_Reich - thanks for bringing this up. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I’ve actually changed custom fields a couple of times because of this.

The fixed height is a good idea. Or if that isn’t possible I wonder if the date selector can expand downward instead of upward, keeping the forward and back arrows in position?

Hey @Chris_Baucom - downward expansion also a good idea, didn’t think of that :slight_smile:


Either what I/we was/were experiencing was a glitch, or a fix was already in the works, but as of now the date selector expands downward when a longer month is viewed.

[UPDATE] I stand corrected. The behaviour is still in place, BUT it appears that it’s related to the height within the viewport that the date selector appears. i.e. if higher on the screen, it expands downward. If lower on the screen, it expands upwards.

So, still an open issue.

This is a papercut—the product is technically usable, but every time I use it, I get more annoyed.

When you’re assigning a date, the default interface is a calendar date picker. If you need to schedule a few months forward, your natural response is to click the arrow a few times. But every time you hit a month that’s longer or shorter, the calendar changes size vertically, moving the button.

Here are two changes I’d like to see:

  • anchor the calendar from the top so the buttons are always in the same place.
  • make the Due Date text field always visible by default: if you already know your end date, it’s not clear you can click Add Start Date to show End Date, and even if you know that, it’s an extra click.

Or whatever. I’m not a UX designer. I’m just a user who gets irritated when things I’m clicking move around. Thanks for reading!

Hi folks and apologies for the delay in getting back to you! We’ve just rolled out an update to fix this issue, so you should now be able to skip months more easily!

Thanks @Marie - keen to check it out :slight_smile:

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