Due date disappears in "Due date" view of MyTasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

If you use the “Due date” view in MyTasks, it appears that you can still mark for Today/Upcoming/Later as if you were ine “None” view.
If you do so then it erases the task due date.

Steps to reproduce:

MyTasks in view “Due date”
Move a task to the Later section
The tasks loses the date.

Browser version:

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Didn’t see any screenshots.

This sounds related (not identical) to Project list sort strips away all my due dates. No option to undo either In that case, Asana indicated that the behavior of due dates being erased was intended. :frowning: The T/U/L field, in a sense, “fights” with the due date field in the context of sorting, and Asana had/has to choose just 1 winner. (Wish they would have given a warning and/or a chance to undo.)


Indeed I think you’re right and that is the same issue :+1: and I’m also surprised that it is designed that way without any warning :astonished:

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Thanks for sharing the solution @Stephanie_Oberg!

FYI, this should be solved with the next My Tasks update @Julien_RENAUD :slight_smile:


Confirming that this behavior is fixed…the move to Later in My Tasks no longer strips off the Due Date. :grinning:


This JUST happened to me this morning… All categories, all tasks - All due dates were removed. Is there ANYTHING I can do to restore them? This is EXTREMELY inconvenient.

@Cynthia_Del_Aria You may want to start a new thread, as your issue seems a bit different.

When you click into an affected Task, does the history show that the Due date was removed?


This still happens to me. If I view the My tasks page by due date and then move a task to any other section (Do today, Do next week, do later etc.) asana strips the due date. Is there a work around @Marie or @Stephanie_Oberg? Thanks!

This happend to me when I had pressed sort by due date and “No Due Date” section appeared above all my other sections. When I pressed “due date” again and it resorted, “No Due Date” was no longer available and the dates are not stripped.