Drafting your campaign brief

You’ve heard in the Plan and manage a marketing campaign course how important the campaign brief is to the success of a campaign.

Given its importance, how do you balance the time you need to develop the brief with all the other work that goes into managing a campaign? Share tips with your peers on how you make sure to invest the “right amount of time” on developing your campaign brief.


I do not currently create campaign briefs. However, I would imagine that spending a little time up front on the brief will save you time during the campaign in back and forth clarification of what is needed.

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Thanks @Paula_Holsberry. Agreed - it is time well spent upfront. If you’re looking for tips on getting started with campaign briefs be sure to take a look at this article.

During the intake process, there are times where the request is updated to provide more clarity. I take bits of the parts that are good to go and begin drafting my timeline and making notes about which person is best suited for a task. The timeline gives me an overall view of what needs to be done. When it’s time to draft my brief I have the timeline and notes right in front of me and it takes me no time at all to complete it.

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We generally do a creative brief, however it exists as a document in Google docs and doesn’t always follow into the Asana task. Having this type of campaign brief within the Asana system should keep everyone on target with tone, audience and objectives.

I can attest that briefs go a long way. I have gone from a one man marketing department to managing a team across North America and Europe and documentation is invaluable. Creates clarity and purpose which is a critical step in providing quality leadership.

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Although I am not technically on our Marketing team, I work with them extensively and in this team, as well as across all of the teams I work with, I find having clear project briefs and investing the time in building them is essential to the success of any project.

In any project, I believe that planning is essential. Its importance is manifested above all in the phase in which the objectives to be achieved are put in writing. Arriving at the definition of a campaign brief requires investigative work that must involve the whole team. I realized that more specific ideas and objectives can emerge while drafting the campaign brief with the help of the team.

I buy the whole campaign brief approach but where do you store it in Asana? In the Overview > project brief?

You got it @Stellan_Kristiansson! The project brief allows you to add whatever you like, including rich links to other services like Vimeo and Loom videos and more. It also suggests helpful sections to include in your brief that I find very helpful when starting a new project.