Double line breaks - Outlook integration - add email as task

When I add an email as a comment in the Asana Outlook plugin on Windows 10, line breaks appear to be doubled - so there are extra line gaps not in the original email and doubled line breaks between paragraphs etc.

Hi @Kevin8 and thank you so much for sharing your feedback! Could you please share a screenshot of this doubled line breaks you’re seeing between paragraphs, to help us visualize what is happening?

Looking forward to your reply!

@Marie I can confirm this as well. Here are some screen shots.

My original email…

Here is what gets pushed into Asana…

I hope that helps,


Thanks for the additional information @Katie_Reynolds

I’ve gone ahead and filed a task with our Development Team, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on this topic!

Have a great week!

I am having this same issue. Using Outlook 365.

Hello, is there any update on this? @Marie
For me, this happens when I have an email with a table or generally with text that is stacked in some way. Unless it is in outlook with no structural formatting (no table, single line spacing) then it keeps adding a space between lines.

I’m creating tasks using a Microsoft Powerapp and the Outlook Connector. The resulting email in my outlook outbox has single line breaks but the Asana task is double line breaks. I was originally using Gmail and did not have this issue. A solution would be great because the Outlook connector is more responsive than Gmail. Thanks