DoMetrix not working - anyone else?

Is anyone using DoMetrix? It’s listed as an active integration and my Asana connect says it’s authorized, but it’s not working. Nothing new comes up in my Asana even though it says I’m connected. I really want these progress bars!

I have reached out to DoMetrix support and I’ve gotten no response.


I’ve just noticed the same thing. @Eyal_Ronel, any idea what’s happening? Thanks.

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Here is the same not working! Did you guys fix it? @Mark_Hudson @Lacy_C

Nothing :frowning: @TEC_Racing_FSAE_Team - no response from DoMetrix support.

I haven’t heard anything either. I wonder if it has been abandoned!

It doesn’t work for me as well

That thing hasn’t work in forever and decided it’s hopefully at this stage :frowning:

Hi all, and hopefully Dometrix team doesn’t mind me speaking for them: They did ask me to remove from /apps page as they won’t be able to support it anymore. Other time tracking options can be found here Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana


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