DoMetrix Not Installing Correctly

Does anybody else have an issue with DoMetrix extension for the progress bar not working? I have successfully installed the extension and nothing has changed on my Asana. I use Chrome and it’s the newest Chrome version available, I watched the video on how to link it all yet nothing on the steps is there on my Asana. I refreshed like it’s supposed to, beyond that, nothing is working like the video shows it should.

Are there other steps that can be used to get this working?

Hi @Kelli_F - Checking in on this. Are you still seeing an issue or was your issue resolved? I recommend that you reach out to the support team at DoMetrix, as they’d be in charge of the extension functionality rather than the team here at Asana.

I have contacted them now and haven’t received a response. Also, when I go directly to their website and try to sign in there’s a 503 error. I wasn’t sure if anybody here has recently tried and they are not longer operating or what the deal was. I love the idea of this and feel it’s a vital part of being able to use Asana even more effectively for my team so I’m hopeful that I can get it figured out or Asana comes out with something very, very similar in the near future, it seems like a no brainer addition to work on adding.