Do you track your time?

Prsonally I use TMetric, an Asana integrated time tracker, and start tracking work time, create reports and monitor my team directly in Asana.

The main idea is ingeniously simple: built-in time tracking button. Here’s the way it looks like:

The reasons I prefer TMetric (and the reasons you may give it a try :slight_smile: ):

  • Timer button, integrated directly into Asana
  • Backlinks to Asana from TMetric
  • Time sync with Asana
  • Customizable time reports
    Hope you’ll find this information useful :wink:

I’m curious - why do you think time tracking causes task mgmt issues, and what issues specifically? We are very new to trying to manage our production schedule with tools beyond Excel, and any input is helpful.

Is any of the time-tracking tools mentioned above working on Asana’s custom fields?
I am wondering whether we could have time-estimates given in a custom field and the actual time spent on a job collected by the external tool + nice analysis at the end.
I’d be grateful if someone could save my time on the testing :slight_smile:


I take this approach too. I’m still compiling data, but am looking to build a report on where I spend my time. Again, not for billable reasons, but to see where my work is going and if its inline with goals.

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I’ve been using Clockify as a standalone time tracker. It’s got Asana integration (a timer button appears in Asana via Chrome extension) so tracking time is quite convenient.

I simply start a timer, and when I’m finished, I go to the app itself to associate each time entry with a project (they don’t necessarily correlate with projects in Asana).

But the best thing about Clockify is that - unlike all the other apps (like Toggl, Harvest, Timecamp) - Clockify is absolutely free and lets you have unlimited users.


I agree with this too. They really should provide an internal time tracker into Asana. The 3rd party time trackers offer some great solutions, but I don’t need over half of it… I don’t need this for invoicing (as an example). I just need to track how much time is lost into what projects/tasks.


Our company develops CRM System and uses hourly pay. For time tracking we decide to use Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock. It is simple time tracking and project management software. I can recommend this for small and medium businesses

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same here, the seamless integration with Asana from Asana Time Tracking for Windows, Mac, Linux is a huge advantage.

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I’d also be REALLY into this function…

Blows my mind that Asana still doesn’t have time-tracking built in, it goes hand-in-hand for me and integrations aren’t necessary.
Comment submission times are tracked - how difficult would a “start” time be to add to the comment’s post time, to make an entry based on comments - it’s already there…


we are working now with zistemo which is really fully integrated into Asana including Budget per tasks and extended time management functionality without switching between Apps.
I’m happy with it since after time tracking comes recurring invoicing, retainers and partial payments.

Why don’t you give a try to AccountSight, It’s free time tracker and it allows custom integrations as well.

And is there a way to track time in the Asana mobile app?

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hey, I’ve been following this tread, do you mind me asking what you ended up doing? We need a simple and cost effective way to plan projects and assign costs (team members) to the project.

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I am trying to consolidate the pros and cons of each time tracking solution, if you want to help Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison
Most answers here are old, I am not sure I should take them into account.

Hi @Kaitie, I’ve been using TMetric for several years and I really love this app. It integrates with Asana and you can track time spent on tasks from Asana board. Besides, you can get detailed time reports.

Hi, I have tried a few integrations and ended up using zistemo to track my time in Asana. Can recommend, great tool.

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Hello @Monika I tried to connect zistemo with Asana and did’n work. The app could not to sync my tasks. Is it happen with you anytime?

Hello everyone,

I’ve come a few years after this topic was started, but I’m particularly interested in the subject of your discussion.

As part of my research, I am interested in the quantification of working time thanks to time-tracking tools and I am therefore looking for people to interview to tell me about their experience with this practice.

Would any of you have a little time to spare for this?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day :slight_smile:


I am happy to work in TMetric that can be smoothly connected to Asana for time tracking. The integration enables me to have the Start timer button in Asana and to easily track time per each task. I also like that TMetric offers a simple interface, billing and invoicing options, and detailed reports.