Do you track job candidates in Asana?

One of the things I noticed we haven’t talked about yet is candidate tracking with Asana. I’d love to talk to hiring managers - or anyone who tracks candidates - about how they use Asana for the process.

I know when I was being hired for this role, Asana tracked my whole hiring process in an Asana candidate tracking project. All notes from interviews with me were in an Asana task with my name on it! Oh man, what I would give to see that task. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a new Guide article on candidate tracking in Asana if you’re curious to learn more.

So, how does Asana fit into your hiring process?

I am involved in an internal selection process for Project Managers. I have one project where I tracked all the interviews, all questions and their notes and the outcome of the interviews. Certainly made my life easier thank taking notes in various places.

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Yes, sounds like a helpful process @RashadIssa. Have you thought about using templates to regulate the interview process? We use templates for parent tasks that represent a new candidates. Then we just follow the sub tasks as a step by step process to make the interview process a breeze. Templates are helpful for keeping interview questions consistent, too. :slight_smile:

My organization uses a third-party candidate application and tracking system, but I’m chiming in because candidate tracking was actually my “aha!” moment when I watched the Asana 30-Minute Product Tour.

Now whenever I’m pitching Asana to someone (which I do a lot), I always explain that projects/sections/tasks/subtasks are just levels of hierarchy that can represent many different kinds of real-life relationships. So in a content development project, the sections are months and the tasks are publications. In a grocery list, the sections are aisles of the store and the tasks are items to buy. And in a candidate tracking project, the sections are candidate status (e.g. Referred, Contacted, Interviewed, etc.) and the tasks are candidates who can be dragged between sections as the hiring process progresses.

These examples have been very helpful to me when I’m having a spoken conversation with someone and trying to explain a software concept without being able to show it beyond the app.

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