Do I have to pay for different workspaces?


Hello. If I have multiple active workspaces (not under an organization). Do I have to pay for each? Or premium user would automatically be premium in other workspaces?


I think you can upgrade either a team or an organization, so Premium would only apply to the team or organization you upgraded. To put it a different way, users are not upgraded individually, they are part of teams or organizations that are upgraded.

You can be a member of many teams and many organizations and workspaces, and there’s no charge unless a given team or organization is upgraded. You might be a member of your employer’s organization, an organization for a nonprofit for which you volunteer, and a personal workspace you created. Your employer might have upgraded your organization to Premium, but that doesn’t provide premium features to the nonprofit and your personal workspace. Still, you only have one Asana account that’s accessible via any of your email addresses and lets you switch back and forth seamlessly.