Discrepancies between insight and adoption reports

I’ve noticed a discrepancy with out company’s Asana Adoption Performance graphs and the Insights in the Admin console.
The Admin Console is saying last week (Nov 16-22) we had 666 tasks created, 253 tasks completed and 60 comments added.
However, our Asana Adoption Performance report for the whole month of Nov, has only 49- tasks created for the whole month of Nov. Am I missing something?
I would love to celebrate our stats, but unsure of the validity and which report is reliable.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry that’s 490 tasks for the whole of November, not 49.

@Marie or other Asana friends, is anyone able to help with this?
Appreciate any help.

Hi @Camille_Evans1, it’s hard to help you without seeing your reports and how you built them. I would suggest reaching out to our support team (How to contact our Support Team ✉) and sharing screenshots of your reports (results + editing view) and admin console, so we can better understand why you’re seeing different results.

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