Direct link to users tasks



I want to generate a direct link to users task lists:


My user id is -
id: 42783910289791,
name: “Amit Gangrade”

My tasks can be seen in UI as:

What is this id - 145619320559182?
How can I generate such link?


Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this is a known issue and there isn’t a great workaround. I’ve taken your request to our API team.

I’m not certain of your exact desired workflow, but here are some characteristics of ‘user’s tasks lists’ that you may find helpful in creating a workaround. All user task lists are projects in Asana. They all have the same name: “My Tasks in Asana, Inc”, the team is “null”, and the project’s only follower is the task list user.

Sorry we don’t have a better solution for you at this time.


Same need by me. Anyway it seems there is no way, by using the API, to get the project ‘my tasks’. If i try /GET I get the error ‘team cannot be null’


Hey @Harry_Potter, you can get MyTasks with the API if you have the project id – it’s just very convoluted to programmatically find the id. Here’s a thread with a bit more information on potential workarounds: Programmatically attach user object in notes field

While I don’t have a timeline, our API team is working to make MyTasks more useable in the API.

Getting a user's "My Tasks" Project ID