User's Task list - getting 403 error

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I’m using the API trying to retreive a user’s name by a “mentioned” name in a comment.
through API a comment looks like a link with the user’s task list (correct me):
"{user task list}/list"

So my plan was to find out the users name through it’s task list
Now, I’m sending a request for many user’s task list through api and gets forbidden error 403.
I know that the user list exists since I can access to it thorugh the UI when I try

When inserting the url :{user_gid}/user_task_list?workspace={my_workspaces_gid}
It returns :
{"errors":[{"message":"Forbidden","help":"For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:"}]}

and also when trying through python’s requests module:

mes = requests.get("{user_task_list}/list")
print (mes)

prints <Response [403]>

Are User’s task lists accessible through API? and if not do we have a work around for knowing which is the user (user gid or name) by the link to it’s task list?

If I’m an admin in my workspace - will it change my access abilities?

Thank You all helpers, in advance :))))

The only user task list (UTL) accessible through the API is the UTL of the user’s Asana account who is authenticated to the API app. That’s why you’re getting a 403 trying to access another user’s UTL.

No, sorry, the same restriction applies.

I’m not aware of any. @Frederic_Malenfant do you have any ideas here?

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Oh @Phil_Seeman sorry I did not get that notification because since 1 week, gmail decided that all “asana community forum” mails are spam !!!

But, as you mentioned, you can only get “your own” users’s task list, not the one of another user. I think that’s the issue here.

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Is there a way to somehow get different task lists with the same account? I understand there are restrictions on the admin account, however, I really need a workaround, also why is it like this in the first place?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “different task lists” - do you mean task lists for other users? (That’s a “no” as mentioned above.) Or do you mean something different?