Shortcut link to any user's My Task list


I’m trying to create a link that would point to a user’s My Task list, but I need a single link that works for any user. If I go to My Tasks in Asana, I see a URL like … but that 012345678901234 part is specific to me. I wonder if there is a URL that would take any user to their own My Task list, and not a specific user’s.


Hey @MPrewitt, glad you asked :slight_smile: . We’re very close to launching a suite of endpoints for My Task Lists! This includes an endpoint that returns a My Task List for a specified user. Let me know if this is what you are looking for.

Keep an eye out for a launch announcement for these endpoints here on the community forum.


I’m not wanting a My Task list link for a specific user, but a generalized URL that would cause Asana to open to My Tasks for any user who clicked on it (showing their own tasks for each of those users, not someone else’s My Tasks).


@MPrewitt thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, the web product does not have this functionality currently.


OK, thanks for the update. I guess this becomes a feature request then, for something like a dest_url parameter (destination URL), that would accept “My Tasks” as an option.