"Direct embedding" in tasks, the complete list

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I’m on a mission to catalog every format that can be seamlessly embedded into Asana tasks (and project brief) without the need for integration. I mean, drop a link, and like magic, Asana instantly displays the file right inside the task. Since I couldn’t find a comprehensive source, I’ve decided to build one. :wink:


:white_check_mark: Direct embedding works seamlessly
:orange_square: Direct embedding not functional

  • Video
    • :white_check_mark: Loom
    • :white_check_mark: Youtube
    • :white_check_mark: Vimeo
  • Design & Charts
    • :white_check_mark: Figma
    • :white_check_mark: Miro
    • :white_check_mark: InVision
    • :white_check_mark: Looker
    • :orange_square: Adobe Creative Cloud
    • :orange_square: Lucidchart
    • :yellow_square: Canva (seems bugged, “Forbidden (403)”)
Other tested formats
  • Design & Charts
    • :orange_square: Adobe Creative Cloud
    • :orange_square: Lucidchart
  • Cloud files
    • :orange_square: Google Drive
    • :orange_square: Box
    • :orange_square: Dropbox
    • :orange_square: OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Communication
    • :orange_square: Slack
    • :orange_square: Microsoft Teams
  • CRM & Mailing
    • :orange_square: Salesforce
    • :orange_square: Mailchimp
  • Developers
    • :orange_square: Github
📸 Screenshots

# Details

Category = Video


With viewing rights:

Without viewing rights:



Category = Design






Feel free to share other formats, and I will add them to the list :rocket:

Link towards the French translation of that article "Intégration directe" dans les tâches, la liste complète


Hi @Marie :wave:
I’m never sure where to put such articles. Forum leaders only? Or other categories?
Thanks :wink:

@Arthur_BEGOU great initiative!

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Your post is currently hidden in a private category, the Forum Leader Tips for me is the right category.


Thanks for creating this tip, @Arthur_BEGOU! As Bastien said, the Forum Leaders tips category is the right place to publish all your tips! :slight_smile:

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Kudos for this work, @Arthur_BEGOU! :clap:

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How about Canva? Anyone else use that?

For me, it does create a direct embed but it never “works”, it always shows a Forbidden (403) Canva page as the embed.

Hi @Dyani and thanks for pointing that out; and indeed, I have the same issue, even with public links

Wow, this is clear! Thank you for putting this know-how together @Arthur_BEGOU :clap:

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Ok so it’s not just something weird on my end then! That’s exactly what happens for me no matter what permissions I put on the link.

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