Different saved views for between board and list on same project

I like that I can switch between lists and boards on the same project now.

However, I would really need to have different saved sortings available per view!

This means, on Board view, I want to show finished tasks and sort by the due date.
On List view, I want to show sorted by people and hide finished tasks.

For now, I need to change each time manually when I switch. This also adds to the topic, that people want to be able to save different views, to easily switch. This would massively increase the way projects can be analyzed.



Hi @Tom_Solid and thanks for sharing this feedback, I’m sure it will become very popular as we continue to roll out Switch List <> Boards to more users.

I’ve gone ahead and made a note of your feedback to our Product Team and will keep you posted here when I have an update on this topic!

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It’d be great to be able to save a specific layout for each view of a project. For example, Project A has a board view sorted by person and list view is sorted by priority.

Hi @nathan.g and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

There is an existing thread in the Forum requesting this functionality so I’ve merged your post with it to consolidate feedback and votes! I hope it’s OK!

Have a great weekend Nathan! :wave:

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I would like to add to this -

I would also like to save different layouts for multiple views. In my case, I use the Board and Timeline view interchangeably, however if I want to customize the layout for timeline (ie, Custom colours for filter and selected timescale), I cannot save this as the default without making Timeline the default view for the project. I prefer to keep Board view as the default view, as I use it more frequently than the Timeline view.

Is this option currently available?

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Is there any update on this? Seems like a simple functionality to add that would add a tremendous value to the tool

You know something should be a feature when—as a new user—the funcationality the user expects to find doesn’t exist.

Saving default views/sort options should be per view—one for list view, one for board view, etc.

It should not be one across all views.

Yikes. Imagine if that was how your computer’s file system worked. There’s a reason why your Downloads folder is sorted by most recently added files, while your Documents folder is sorted alphabetically by name.

If I was required to have everything sorted the same, I’d lose my mind.

And now I find Asana. Here’s to hoping they change this functionality because, based on this current implementation, it seems like a UX disaster.

I would also like to see this! Similar to my own request Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views.. I think we should be able to save multiple views for each project.

This would be incredibly useful. We use it with Airtable all the time as different folks doing different work with the same content need to view it differently. In one table, each of the 20 people using the product have different views for their different sets of work.

Here are two use cases for our Product Roadmap that we generally use in list view:

  1. Meeting with high level folks at engineering company to show how behind they are:
    These folks need need a very limited set of information to get them back on track. They don’t need to see all the fields, or even all of the Roadmap Items, but they DO need to see what’s outstanding and urgent, so we can demonstrate to them what we need done, when, how late it is, and the scope of work. Without a way to make a view for this, we have to either 1) show them the whole Roadmap which is way too much info for this kind of meeting or 2) recreate the content in another platform, like a table in docs, which is silly, time consuming and prone to user error when folks start to use that outside of Asana.

  2. Keeping the engineers on track
    Going forward, as we start to get the engineers back on track, I’d like to give them a view that is JUST the work they need to do this week and this quarter. They need a certain set of fields. They don’t need tags or other projects, they need status and scope, and i want them to see the milestones in the roadmap to see where each item lives in terms of dependencies and big picture. They’re unlikely to want or use the timeline or calendar views, but I will be using it with them, if I have to.

Chiming in that being able to save multiple views of a project would be incredibly useful. I was pretty disappointed to find that this didn’t exist already - seemed like a basic feature that would be a standard component of a tool like Asana

List and Board should not be Views, they should View Types.
Now it’s for each project to decide if they want 1 or 10 different Board Views (that they can rename of course).

I’ve voted for this request, and it would be nice to have multiple choices for each of the existing views.

But I want to offer one clarification and one slight workaround:

Clarification: Some posts here say you can’t save settings for a view without making it the default view. That’s not true. You can do this by 1) changing settings for one view (say list view) and then doing Save layout as default, then 2) switching to another view (say board view) and then doing (again) Save layout as a default.

Slight workaround: See my post:



We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, “view-level saving,” in projects! With this update, you will be able to save different filters and sorts per view, and one view as the default for everyone that access the project. For example, you can now have List view sorted by Completed tasks and Board view sorted by Incomplete tasks.

To save changes within a view, select the :floppy_disk: icon in the project header:

We are also rolling out more customization options for tabs in your project, see our announcement here → Surface the most relevant information by saving views for you and your team


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