Should "save layout as default" in a project save my sort option


I am viewing my Project in Board view.

I have sorted my Boards by a field, but each time I come back to the Project, the sort returns to ‘none’.

I tried clicking on “save layout as default” but this hasn’t helped.

Should the "“save layout as default” save my sort selection?

If not, how do I prevent having to change sort each time I go into the project?


Sort by field

Save Layout as Default

When I go back into Project

That is so weird, I just tested and the sort is saved…

I have worked out that if I switch to a project that has the same default saved, the sort stays the same.

But if I switch to a project that doesn’t have a saved layout, then when I go back the original project, sort is lost.

Does that make sense?

Seems like a bug to me…