Desktop Notifications Not Working

Morning all.

Everyone else in our team is getting desktop notifications except me.
Is there something I could do to test why I don’t get the notifications?

In the address bar, I have switched off notifications and then switched it back on again; asked my colleagues to send me a new message but still don’t get the messages which would be ideal as we are moving away from Hangouts and need some form of visual or audible notification.

Many thanks

Hi @SixfootJames

Sorry you are having issues with this. I would suggest checking your browser is the latest version and that system notification from browser has not been accidently switched off.
Once done, if the issue persists, than please submit a support ticket. But from experience, I suspect the issue can be fixed once the above 2 items have been checked.

Here is the support page if you need it: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana


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Thanks Rashad, I have checked and both options are working.
I will read that article and if I don’t come right, will create a ticket

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Managed to come right thanks Rashad. Was the Focus Assist option in windows that was preventing popups from showing

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Yaaaay! So happy to see you solved the matter. Thanks for confirming back @SixfootJames :clap:

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