Desktop Asana app

YES! Please mac os app!



As asana is changing so rapidly, would it not best to just have a wrapper, like Electron? Add support for icon notification and switching between orgs easily (like Slack). Rather than putting a lot on top that may be impacted by asana later?


That is one philosophy, for sure, and you might see that implemented at some point.

My desktop-app-in-development, Desksana, is actually also based on Electron (hence my ability to produce a Windows and Mac version at the same time), but I’ve opted to tackle the (difficult!) feature of offline capability, which goes beyond doing a simple Electron wrapper.

What can I say, I like doing hard things. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love to help QA.

Noted, thanks!

This thread should probably be merged with this: Where is the MacOS app?

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I’ve gone ahead and merged these threads to consolidate feedback. Thanks for heads up @Cyrill!

Love the new gmail add-on. When’s the native MacOS coming?

While it looks that Asana is not planning to release a true native macOS client anytime soon, we at Apparent Software (over 10 years experience developing for the Mac), are developing one right now, named Prana, and you can sign up for the beta, get early access and have your say.

We’re currently focused on two things:

  • Help identify what tasks one needs to do (basically “My Tasks” view) of the workspace and basic management (mark tasks as done).
  • A native macOS share extension to quickly create tasks in Asana from various contexts in the system (from Safari, for example), like other native Mac To-do apps.

If you’re interested in following our progress and get on the beta when it’s ready (some things already work and it progresses quickly), sign up for updates here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them.

Jacob Gorban
Apparent Software


Would love to see a native mac OS app… Good luck to the developers of Prana…

Jacob, are you still working on it?

Hi Philip.

Yes, I am. But it’s taking longer because it’s a side project and Asana is a bit of a moving target. I do hope to be able to release initial beta relatively soon that’ll be able to show your tasks, create new tasks and edit tasks. Maybe comment, too, since it should be relatively easy to add after editing is done. The app is now where the editing partially works but not of all attributes yet.

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I can appreciate that, Jacob. It is indeed a moving target.

Thanks for your response, and for contributing your time to such a worthy accomplishment.


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Here is a great app:

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Thanks @Vitali

It has some really cool (native) features – updated the App the last days some times (Workspace tabs, default workspace, TouchBar support and so on).

It really sucks using 3rd party tools, for something that Asana should have by default anyway.
All other competitors have one, even in WebView.

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Please create an app/icon to be located in an iMac dock. Accessing asana through browser is cumbersome. I need to have asana open continually and I access asana many many times throughout the day; so having it linked to the internet browser means that everytime I go on the internet asana pops up, and I have to create a new window, and vice versa. NOT IDEAL. I used the “fluid” app to create my own icon, but its recently gotten very glitchy, so I can’t use that any more. An iMac app/icon for Dock seems pretty basic…

Hi @alison_edwards, thanks for reaching out! We have a popular request in the forum on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Desktop Asana app to avoid duplicates and centralize feedback. We’ll make sure to update the main thread as soon as we have news.

Why do this instead of just creating a shortcut in Chrome? Is it about offline use? :woman_shrugging:

Works like a charm on Mac OS BIG SUR :slight_smile: Thanks !

For mac users remember to enter sudo bash before doing anything. It’ll set the terminal in “admin” mode.