Where is the MacOS app?


Love the new gmail add-on. When’s the native MacOS coming?


While it looks that Asana is not planning to release a true native macOS client anytime soon, we at Apparent Software (over 10 years experience developing for the Mac), are developing one right now, named Prana, and you can sign up for the beta, get early access and have your say.

We’re currently focused on two things:

  • Help identify what tasks one needs to do (basically “My Tasks” view) of the workspace and basic management (mark tasks as done).
  • A native macOS share extension to quickly create tasks in Asana from various contexts in the system (from Safari, for example), like other native Mac To-do apps.

If you’re interested in following our progress and get on the beta when it’s ready (some things already work and it progresses quickly), sign up for updates here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them.

Jacob Gorban
Apparent Software


Would love to see a native mac OS app… Good luck to the developers of Prana…