Desktop App vs. Internet Browser?

What is the difference between using the desktop app & asana in an internet browser window?

Hi @Chantelle_Drury :wave:

As far as I know, there is no big difference, both versions encompass the same features.

The Desktop app will be useful to temporarily work offline (& when back online, the tasks will be updated).
It will also display an embedded some shortcuts in the “system tray” as well as a Pomodoro feature (see Feature Request - Task Hot List Widget)

More info about the desktop app

On the other hand, the Web browser app will allow to work with multiple tabs (while this is not available with the Desktop app, at the moment).

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You may not be able to “tab” in the desktop app, but you can run multiple windows for the a similar effect.

Well, I can also open multiple windows with my web browser, but that’s not exactly the same as opening multiple tab in a specific browser window. :slight_smile:
If you work with a lot of projects opened in parallel, using tabs really makes a difference.

#TeamBrowser !!
but I know some colleagues are #TeamDesktop (@Bastien_Siebman :wink:)

Thanks Arthur - how do you open new tabs in the desktop?


In Chrome (but probably the same with other browsers):
Right-click on a project, then “Open in a new tab”; or alternatively, the shortcut “CTRL + Click”.

Nice! Yea count me as +1 for team desktop. Haven’t used tab yet to date. :see_no_evil:

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I love the desktop app and the clock icon to go back to previously visited items.

I’m wondering if I’m missing something with the “tab” in desktop conversation. I have three accounts. I find tabs useless because I can’t label them, unless I’m wrong. Is that possible?

For this reason (and because of the toggl integration) I switched to browser. I have labeled bookmarks for all three right at the top of my screen. Granted they default back to “Home” every time I switch between them, but at least I can quickly jump to the right account.