Dependents listed in import file before task listed in column A--importing as a header rather than establishing dependencies

How can I use the CSV upload tool to import dependencies if the blocking task is listed on the spreadsheet in the Dependents column before the blocked task is listed in the Name column (Column A)? In the screen shot of my import file, this is illustrated on line 29, in which the task listed under Dependents column is not chronologically listed in column A until line 56. Must the task be listed under column A first in order to be listed as a dependent? Is there any way this requirement can be modified? Our projects are organized in sections such as Admin (first section) and Preproduction (second section) and Production (third section) and the relationship of tasks within those sections make it so a task in Admin could be blocking a task in Preproduction. This would require the blocking task to be listed in the import file before the task in Production is listed in column A. Because of this, though, dependencies are not importing. Please help!