Dependency rippling - to lock task duration time to completion

I have been looking for a way to set up dependancies that will ripple when a task is delayed or takes longer than expected. I have seen this in other PM software, but in Asana they only seem to allow ripple if the tasks overlap, unless I misread the Dependency Guide Not all my tasks have start and end dates that match, or if I give a multiple day window for completion, the timeline wont maintain the expected period beween tasks. This would appear to have the affect of giving the next task less time to be completed. If I wanted to maintain the task due date duration fro each subsequent task, it should show the project end date being pushed out. I don’t see how that would happen under the circumstance I have outlined. Any assistance on this would be helpful.

I’m also can’t see why why some of my subsequent tasks when moved to an overlap position to the next dependent task on the timeline do not cause that subsequent decency to ripple the next dependent tasks(s) as it did hen I moved the previous task froward.

Hi @Jonathan_Turkle,

This is a very popular enhancement request - you can add your vote for it here:

Also please note that my Flowsana integration does provide the capability you’re asking for.

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Phil, I have looked at the feature request link you sent, but I don’t see how that relates to the ripple effect fro all subsequent tasks, regardless of whether they overlap another task or not. Am I missing something? Also, I don’t understand why some of my tasks are not pushing forward their succeeding tasks when the precedent overlaps. I a have looked at these and the successive task is not completed but when i move the precent forward on the timeline my successive task doesn’t move.

You’re right, sorry, that was the wrong thread. I’m almost positive there is one for your request but I don’t see it at the moment. You’re welcome to create one!