How to do this in Asana?

Is it possible to implement the following functions in Asana and is yes, than with which tools?

  1. I set a task and a deadline. The person is late with the completion. I need to record the planned and actual date of the task completion - to keep a record if person’s performance. Preferably on a Gantt chart to show how a person’ delay affected the project.
  2. If in the process of completing a task, additional information from the customer appears, which prolongs the deadline for completing the task, can this be clearly displayed?
  3. If, during the execution of a task, there comes a moment when it is impossible to continue working on it until information from the customer arrives (the task is paused, until a certain moment) - can this also be displayed visually?

Hi @Victor_Zhilinsky, welcome to the community forum and thanks for reaching out!

I believe you can achieve this using our task dependencies feature.

Dependencies are the relationships among tasks which determine the order in which activities need to be performed. You can set dependencies directly on your Timeline by clicking the connector icon that appears when hovering over a task and then dragging to another task.

The assignee of the dependent task will receive notifications for the following actions:

  • The precedent task is marked complete
  • The precedent task has its due date changed or removed

If you need to wait in a specific task because you are waiting for some information from a customer, you can use our auto-shifting dates feature to automatically adjust the dates. Please find all the details in this article:

I hope this helps!