Dependencies for tasks created using rules

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath :slight_smile: Just wondering: has this option been added yet? Or is it in the plan to add it soon? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for asking @Wendy_Jimenez! @Rebecca_McGrath I am also curious if this has been added yet.

It would provide an increased level of clarity and efficiency if we could automate dependencies for subtasks that are created using workflow and rules for a project.

Hi @Wendy_Jimenez, @Katie_W :wave:

While we don’t have any updates on this right now, I’ll keep you posted and let you know if anything changes :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I just want to join the list of people waiting for this feature of rule-created depencies in subtasks! :slight_smile:
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Hi all!

I’m somewhat new and couldn’t find an answer here.

Using the workflows I’m creating a submission form that triggers subtasks which have natural dependencies, is there a way to automate those dependencies instead of having to manually go into the task? If it isn’t built into the product currently, does anyone know any workarounds?


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I went ahead and merged your request into an existing feedback request thread. Don’t forget to upvote there :slight_smile:
Also here was a discussion about this topic as well with a potentially workaround listed Subtask Dependencies - #21 by Phil_Seeman

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I think our “Add subtasks” rule action in Flowsana would be a great fit here - it can do exactly what you’re asking for here (something which the Asana “Add subtasks” rule action cannot).

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Hi is there an update regarding a native way to set up subtask dependencies for actions (not flowsana)?

Also very interested in an update here. This would be an incredibly useful feature.


I’m also very interested in this feature being added and it is the only bottleneck i’m running into with Asana. Let’s get this feature added!!

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In our current business structure, we express a keen interest in the proposed feature. It is imperative to note that this feature has been highly anticipated by a significant number of individuals and businesses alike. As such, we respectfully request that it be given due consideration in order to ensure success and progress in our respective fields.

Please add this!

Jumping in to add my name to the list of those wanting this feature!

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@Rebecca_McGrath I’d also like a simpler solution of an “Add Dependent Subtask” button instead of just “Add subtask”

Hi @Jim_Mahon, welcome to the Community! :handshake: Remember to vote for this feature request at the top of this thread to show your support. :arrow_up: :blush:

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Is there a way to create a rule where once a blocking task is set at a certain progress, that the dependent task gets marked as high priority? I currently have the rule set up that when the task isn’t blocked anymore it gets marked as high priority, however we need a trigger notification once the blocking task is almost complete. Thanks!

This currently doesn’t exist.