Deleted form still active.

Our organization lost a member, and they had control of forms and projects. We have a form that is no longer showing in Asana because I deleted and edited them, but members are sill able to make submission through the form. It’s causing us to miss submissions. How are we able to delete this form altogether so that submissions can not be accepted.

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Hi @Ashley_Davis

Did you delete the form or did you deactivate it? You must deactivate the link in order for submissions to stop working. Navigate to the form settings and see screenshot below:

I think you missed this key point, but the form is not in Asana. It has been deleted, and it is not showing in any projects. How do I deactivate/delete it under that circumstance?

Very strange. In this case I recommend reaching out to Asana support as they have more tools available in order to resolve this. Just send an email withall the info, the form link and info about the team member that left, to