Delete Last Name after @ Mention



Most of my users are setup with their full name in Asana, resulting in their full name displaying when you type an ‘@’ mention. We’re a relatively small organization so I’d much rather (from an aesthetic standpoint) hit delete once to remove their last name but retain the ‘@’ mention functionality with only their first name appearing.

Microsoft/Office365 incorporated this functionality when they rolled out ‘@’ mentions and it looks much better. Even if you had two “Dans” in your organization, you type ‘@’ and select which Dan, then when you click or hit space bar to move onto the next character, going back and deleting the last name would still know which Dan you selected because of the initial action.


Hi @Ben_Brenner :wave:t4:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback on this in the Forum! Please note that this is not possible at the moment but I’ve made a note of your request and will happily pass it onto our Development Team to consider for future improvements!

As a work-around for now you can have your users navigate to their My Profile Settings by clicking on their profile picture first. Then in the field next to their Profile pic in My Profile Settings they should be able to update the way they want their names to be reflected.

Unfortunately, at this time the admin can’t update this on their behalf so it’s something each user will have to do on their own.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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Cathya :blush:


Thanks @Cathya that’s kind of what I figured, but it’d be nice if it was a feature and I imagine it’s a relatively easy tweak.

Also would be nice if I could have master control as an Admin over user names and/or profile pictures (it’s been a struggle to get them to consistently update those)