Ability to have two name option in Asana: full name and displayed name

Is it possible to turn off the Assignee’s full Name being displayed next to their avatar/initials? Two of my team members have very long names.

That’s not possible I’m afraid @Andrew_Bartholomew. A solution to your issue would be to have something similar to Slack with two options for names: “Full name” (which should remain visible on your profile) and “Displayed Name” (which could be a shorter version and displayed in the assignee field and when @mentioning users).

I’ve moved your post to the #productfeedback to allow other community folks to support your request and I’ll keep you posted here when I have an update on my end!

Hi Marie,

Actually, there is a way to shorten name display. Each user can go into their profile settings and change their “Name” from their full name to something shorter. For example, change “Andrew Bartholomew” to “Andrew”, or even “AB”. This frees up a lot of space to display more columns. I hope it doesn’t cause any problems…


No it doesn’t providing your colleagues still know who you are and how to assign task or mention you :slight_smile: I only have my first name “Marie” in Asana, and I’ve added more info in my bio in case my colleagues need to reach out to me. I still believe that having 2 options (full name + displayed name) would be nice to have though!