Daylight savings time - showing wrong by 1hr, VIC Australia

My computer time is correct but updates on tasks are showing the time incorrectly, an hour earlier than they really were, in Asana Mac app on a mac running Sonoma 14.1.1. I’ve logged in and out, reset cache and logged in and out via Chrome and Safari too just in case it was affected by browser, no dice. Everything else seems to be showing the time right it’s just asana app.

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It happened also in Europe last weekend when the Summer Time went back to original time. The problem took about 24 hours to be resolved.

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It’s been happening for at least the past 3 days, perhaps it started on the weekend here too, but we had some public holidays earlier in the week so I can’t say for sure.

Hello @Creative_Overlord,

I believe the app matches your OS timezone settings. Can you double-check that the time on your OS isn’t set manually but based on your timezone.

Could you also confirm if you’re running into the same issue on the web version? Thanks!

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I am also having this issue (happens each time the time changes for my recurring tasks) and I’ve checked that I am following all protocols as listed above.

Hi @Sydney_Meyer, can you please forward screenshots of your settings to our support team? How to contact our Support Team ✉

  • Time settings in your web browser
  • Time settings in your OS