Data Hygiene & Exception Reporting

I have a BIG project with lots of moving parts. Each incomplete task should have a few custom fields filled in. If not, I need to address it.
How can I do exception reporting to show me “incomplete tasks where {custom field] is blank”?

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Hello @Amber_Boaz my name is Isidro and I’m happy to help here.
So you need a report to show those incomplete tasks that don’t have a value in a custom field?

This is not possible until today.

You need to select the value for the report to show.

Here is an example:

Please let me know if this makes sense.


Yeah, that’s what I feared.
I was hoping someone had a magic/secret way to do what I’m after.
Thank you though!!!

I believe I do :slight_smile: I created a tool called Asana Pulse, that does a lot of things (you can check out the website) in addition to running daily custom checks and warning you every time data is not matching your criteria :slight_smile: Looks like what you are after isn’t it?


Thanks! I’ll take a look!