Dashboard/report tasks by tag in a project

Hi, is there a tentative date by which we will be able to create dashboards/charts based on tags?


How can tags be included in reporting?

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Hi @J_Hope

without knowing how you’re setup and what you use do reporting, it’s kind of hard to give an answer that will work for you.

This should work, no matter how you are setup:

Make a custom search which inlcudes the tags you want and save it.

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Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @J_Hope!

To add to Josh‘s response here is another workaround: Report on Tags? - #2 by Emily_Roman

Additionally I have found an existing feedback request thread as merged your post over. Don‘t forget to upvote :slight_smile:

Hi all - adding my voice to this feature request. I found myself in the exact same position:

  • just upgraded
  • excited for the reporting capabilities
  • go to build a custom dashboard widget with my tags
  • no tags available in reporting

The csv workaround mentioned by a few people doesn’t quite fit my use case. I’m trying to keep all my reporting inside of Asana if possible.

The other workaround I’m about to try here is creating a custom field for each tag and slicing my task data by custom field. Looks like each task can have up to 60 custom fields and I only use about 10-ish tags. This should be doable but it’s definitely a significant workaround and a departure from the idea of “what custom fields are supposed to do.”

Wish me luck! :joy:

Hey @thejonfedor , this tip by @Bastien_Siebman might come in handy.

It’s for migrating single-select fields to multi-select fields but you could apply the some logic for migrating your tags to custom fields :wink:

Interesting! Thanks for the suggestion - I’m about to check out the video. Appreciate it, @Richard_Sather

adding my voice to this too. Though you can have saved searches of tags it’s really not viable for tracking purposes. Having tags as an option for tracking in dashboard allows you to go straight to the data set needed and to have overall data sliced by cross reference as needed too. (like closed versus open tasks that have an important tag on them or comparing two specific tags out of 10 or more possible). Though a category or field can also be used, sometimes this just sprawls too much. especially on longer term projects that you are tracking something temporarily on tasks. Tag data tracking allows teams to use and deprecate some important tracking features, goals, outliers, use-case scenarios, and other items without changing overall project board features and function. It’s a pretty big thing that’s needed and work arounds are suuuuper clunky for.

Would love to see this implemented - I use tags to categorise request intake, predominantly across requestor, region, subject, deliverable and assigned team areas, and being able to report on these would massively reduce the manual effort to get meaningful data from Asana.

+1 to what everyone says.
We use tag to categorize or flag updates for our dashboards to go through. It would be really great for us to have the ability to build a dashboard based on these tags to break it down since tags span across multiple boards it’s easier to maintain then a custom field.

+1 Tags this should be an option in reporting.


pretty please add this feature!!

Need to be able to generate report based on tags (e.g: Show all defects for “Release N” - used as a tag; or generate a report that allows team leads to view all requests received against tool A, B, C, & D - where A, B, C & D are tags)… Looks like a very basic feature - so very surprised that this is missing in 2023! Before this thread - assumed that it was simply a bug and wasn’t working right.

Pls consider this as a must have enhancement to asana in a near release.

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Throwing in yet another vote here. We migrated to Asana a few months back and I’ve been getting acclimated and realizing a lot of productivity gains.

But the way I use the app for laying out and tracking my work across teams and projects each week (we’re an agency that uses a “team” for each client) currently requires me to do some workarounds and superfluous data entry. Long story short, if you were to add the ability to report in dashboards on tags, it would be a game-changer for usability of Asana for me. It would instantly eliminate my workarounds and annoying data entry.

Thanks for considering.

Still waiting for it. We use tags a lot, can’t do the workaround as it would consume a lot of our time to update it.

Hi all,

Agree - this feature would allow to decluster the custom fields and the view from the tasks themselves. Tags are easy to use and we should be able to report based on them…

Another vote! this feature is a must! :+1:

another vote for this feature!

Yes we would absolutely love this feature as well!!!

+1 from here as well. Having tags available in reporting and dashboards would be a gamechanger for us.