Dashboard number widget for Percent

I spend much of my time in the dashboard views and the custom dashboard I made for myself. I’d love to see the ability to add a number widget for % Completed with conditional formatting on the tasks I have assigned to me. Just in general would be a nice thing to configure a % calculated within the dashboard view such as % overdue, % completed to complement the KPI tiles I put in for myself. Sometimes it’s just better to see these percents as a number tile rather than a pie or donut chart.

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Adding assignees in pivot table options, percentage growth, task name, etc.

Hi @Tiffany_Reinke, I agree, that would be helpful. I merged your post with this thread to consolidate the feedback.

Hi @David_Thomas4, welcome to our Forum community! Yes, those additional dashboard features would certainly be helpful. I upvoted your feature request.

Thank you both.