DAM Integrations

Our Creative Services team is currently researching digital asset management systems and one of the things we’re hopeful for is Asana integration. We’ve narrowed down to our top two systems, but neither currently directly integrate with Asana. I was hoping someone might have experience working with a digital asset management system with or without integration with Asana. What is something I should look out for? What is something that you find helpful/harmful to your process? How do you personally use the two programs together?

Hey Kelly,

Just noting we’re an Asana using organisation that is about to move to Bynder as our DAM curious about integrations here as well.

Ways that the two will work without integrations at the moment is graphic design requests and approvals happening in asana - and reference to media assets being currently folder links the hope would be with the DAM they are URLs instead - also GD sharing working files etc directly from DAM.

We are months away from the implementation but happy to let you know once we are up and running.

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I’d love to keep in touch! We’re leaning toward Bynder as well, so I’m happy to know you chose it. Do you mind sharing what made you decide to go with them?

One team member was familiar with it and after that point the Pricing / Flexibility seemed much more suitable than Adobe Experience Manager which was the other contender. We can start small with Bynder in regards to features and reassess as we need.

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Greetings all - I’m currently in the same bout. Our creative team has been on DrpBx/GglDcs since inception of company and now needs to level up. I’m researching DAM’s now and found the only one that natively integrates with Asana is MediaValet. So they’re the first on our list. All other contenders sadly don’t seem to have Asana integration(yet). I’ll keep this thread posted on my search as well.

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Thanks @R_Hernandez for your input! We did not research MediaValet, but the 5 options we did all had some 3rd party integrations (mainly through Zapier). We have agreed to move forward with Bynder, a team who currently uses Asana (and according to them Asana uses them!). A native integration with Asana is on their roadmap, and they’ve stated that they expect it to be rolled out around the beginning of 2023! Until then we decided links within Asana to the DAM would be an acceptable supplement rather than try an integration via Zapier.

Canto also had a native integration with Asana on their roadmap with a similar expected timeline. Welcome (an Optimizely product) was the only system we found that did not integrate with Asana, but that is most likely because they have their own task management system!

I agree the pricing and flexibility were some of our main reasons we ended up choosing Bynder as well. Their sales rep was an amazing asset when vetting and really showed us how their system can work best for us in the long run!

Thanks Kelly for the reply. I actually have an intake meeting with Bynder today as well as Canto. But it’s great to hear about Bynder - I combed through there feature PDF and found a ton of great tools I know our team could utilize. I’d lean towards Bynder if they can answer the Asana element. I did have a really great experience with Media Valet’s rep though so it’ll be a tight race! May come down to price point - we’ll see what Canto has to say. Stay tuned…

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