Daily digest email?


I’d like to get a daily digest email from Asana instead of an email for every comment, etc. Is that possible? I still need some emails from Asana, but I don’t want to get bomboarded with emails every time there is a new comment.


Hey @Seth_Jenson! You can customize your emails quite a bit. I recommend that you visit this email notifications page in the Guide: https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana

Please let us know if you have other questions.

Dashboard Status Update Reminder and Email Reports

So… no. The answer is “no, you can’t”. The article above explains how you can customize your notifications, but you can’t customize them to receive daily or weekly email digests. I wish that existed too, similar to how Basecamp does it.


Thanks for that feedback. Our product team is aware of your request!


This would be REALLY helpful - any update on this being created?


Having Daily Digests instead of a string of instant notifications is really important, in my view. I get resistance from team members (senior management) who want to keep visibility, but not be innundated.


I went ahead and switched this over to our product feedback category. Feel free to vote on this request.