Customizing views per person rather than just default



I personally enjoy seeing all items on my to do lists, what I’ve done and what I need to do. I wish there was a way to set my account to default “view all tasks” instead of having to select that every time I go to a new project’s list. I love the idea of customizing it to just see what’s left to do or only see what has been accomplished, but like I said, I wish I could pick my own default option for what works for me most often.


When changing the view you can click “Save for everyone” and that will stay this way. Did you find it?


Is there an option to save the view just for one user instead of saving for everyone?


There is a weird trick about this if I recall, @Caisha weren’t you the one talking about this recently? Doesn’t the “everyone” actually stands for “me”?


Haha yes, the option that plagued me for months because I didn’t understand it! Technically, the ‘Save for Everyone’ view has two uses:

  • In projects
  • My tasks

If you select ‘save for everyone’ in projects (like you want it to default to the calendar view), this applies to everyone. There is no way to save views in projects for certain people @Aron_Berger.

However, for my tasks , if you ‘Save for everyone’, you’re saying that anyone who looks at your task list specifically will see it like that. Instead of, like I thought, forcing everyone’s my task default sort to be the same as yours.

Also I’m moving this to the product feedback section and adjusting the title a little @Emily_Sorensen as I think the feature request is something to be considered (customizing views per person). Be sure to vote if you’re interested in it!


Looks to me like a bug, isn’t it? Having “save for everyone” in My Tasks… Thanks Caisha!