Customize the order of project view tabs

Please make the conversations tab visible, and preferably able to be put as default starting tab.
This is a very very strange design choice…


I would definitely love to see Conversations moved next to list or even better the ability to move around the tabs as we see fit. In other words the ability to customize our tabs to how we use Asana. It seems like a pretty intuitive thing to have/ do for a product like Asana where everything is so easy to love around with a a drag and drop.

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I love that idea. A big bold Conversations Button would be awesome, especially when clients love to complain about Asana being so difficult to understand, anything like this to make it easier on clients would make our lives a lot easier.

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Just chiming in because this would be an awesome feature!

Although on the contrary - If conversations were super accessible, I can imagine people just using the conversations feature to manage tasks instead of making use of the main product of asana which is task / project management list / board.

People already use slack to do their conversations - so people need to actually make a habit + learn to use Asana for what it’s strength is - The task management features.

Anyway. 100% agree that this is a feature that would be super useful so please implement it asap! :slight_smile:


An ongoing internal issue is having staff who need to fill in a form for task creation pressing the “Form” tab and then editing the forms fields rather than clicking a provided link to the form. This has caused issues multiple times.


It would be extremely helpful to be able to “hide” a tab to prevent issues such as this (or at least be able to move certain tabs to the “more” section ala “Conversations” & “Files”). Perhaps in this case, all tabs would only be permission based on a project?

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Rory_Mulford and thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback! It’s currently not possible to manually hide or move tabs in your projects. However, if you change the user permissions to Comment Only, they won’t be able to see orr access the Forms tab.

This is genuinely infuriating. Should we not be encouraging users to have discussions?

As it is now nobody sees this tab or knows it’s there - Literally none of my colleagues are aware of its existence. There is no reason to hide this tab under a sub menu, nevermind that there is also no reason to stop us from re-ordering menu items.

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My team uses the List function most, followed by Conversations, and Timeline not at all. Is there a way to edit this menu so Conversations will appear after List, instead of in the dropdown menu? thanks.

@Claire_Tompkins currently the header isn’t something that is customizable across an org/workspace or even at the project level.

I’ve provided a screenshot to further point out what you are referencing:

I hope you don’t mind that I moved this post to the #productfeedback category so other users can vote for this request. You should too!


Thanks @LEGGO! We also have an existing thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merge these comments with the main thread to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

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Not at all! Thanks for doing that. It would be a very helpful feature.

It would be great if we could decide the order in which the navigation in each project appeared. We use conversations A LOT. It’s super obnoxious that you have to click MORE and then Conversations before getting access. I would love to make that visible with 1 click!

It is an interesting request, I’ll upvote.

Some people (like me) never use Boards for example and that would be good to push that Board to the right. However, having an inconsistent UI is probably not something Asana will go for. So your only chance is if they somehow rework on Conversations and make them more “reachable”.

HI @anon54560339,

We already have a #productfeedback on this topic so I’ve merged your post with this existing thread to gather all feedback in one place!

I would love to be able to customize the order of options that show in my toolbar. Right now, Messages and Files are under the More option, but I would rather move these around so they are quick access for certain projects where they’re more applicable.

You have my vote @anon804227! I definitely see instances where I’ll use Messages more than Calendar in particular projects. Reordering this header could be beneficial. I’d also recommend that perhaps it be something considered when you “save layout for everyone”

Don’t forget to vote yourself! :blush:

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @anon804227 and @LEGGO! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your posts with the main thread to consolidate feedback.

Hi Emily, I googled this topic and came across this thread, which I can see has been open for several years. Is there any progress you can share with us all on whether the option to improve visibility of messages and/or customize the project tabs is coming any time soon?

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce we are launching the ability to customize project tabs. With this update, you can now reorder tabs in your project :tada: Learn more about this update here:


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