Custom Text Field - Status Notes / Comments

Hello Asana team,

We need the Custom Text Field to be improved so we can manage our project more efficiently.
Currently, every time we want to add status notes to a task, there are only two options we can add status notes using " The task description field" or “the Comment field” . The problem with the comment field is that if there are 10 people who are following the task, every-time a new comment is added, everyone gets notification which is not an ideal way to add status notes.

We have tried to use the custom text field as status notes instead, but the current custom text field is very limited. It’s not flexible enough. It doesn’t give us:

  • the option to split up text rows in the field.
  • cannot display more than 1 text row in in tasks list view (No text expanded mode).
  • impossible to add text from the left or beginning of the field if the field already contains text data from before

Please check out this video below so you you can understand more in details

Hope other Asana users can see this request useful as well.