Custom Rule problem

I’m having a problem with the api for creating a custom rule in my app.
Even following the tutorial correctly, I am not getting asana to render the form.

I am getting the error: “Something went wrong. Try again later.”

This is the awser from my app server

I’m also printing the parameters that asana is sending in the url. This proves that it is arriving on my server

Rule metadata requested!
  action_type: '1203413958714796',
  expires: '1669062116734',
  expires_at: '2022-11-21T20:21:56.734Z',
  locale: 'en',
  project: '1203392624338471',
  user: '1203061041207764',
  workspace: '1200492592017603'

Hi @Rafael_Mayer,

Change the template string to form_metadata_v0. Did that fix it?

Hi @Rafael_Mayer excited to hear that you are building a custom rule! We recently launched a UI Builder that should help give clearer error messages when working with our App Components. I think what Phil recommended will help you out, but if you continue to have issues check it out here: Get started with App Components in our brand new UI Builder.

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