Rule Action Example - Something went wrong. Try again later.


I followed all the steps from GitHub - Asana/app-components-rule-action-example-app, however I am stuck at steps 3.2
When I add my recently-created Rule Action, I get “Something went wrong. Try again later.”

CleanShot 2022-07-18 at 14 09 54@2x

When I check the ngrok terminal window it says

OPTIONS /rule/metadata         204 No Content                                                                               
GET     /                      404 Not Found       

What I am missing ? Does anybody get this example working ?

I recently tried to run the demo app and my endpoints were not working. I had to manually create my endpoints using Firebase. Not sure what happened, did not spend too much time debugging.

Did you try reaching the endpoints with a simple browser visit before trying to set up rules?

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I move forward and set up an AWS Lambda (instead. of using ngrok). I was able to add my custom action but was block by the CORS policy when I hit the “Create rule” button, which is weird because I wasn’t block to access the content located at “rule/metadata”.