Working Custom Rule Action Breaks For No Reason

Hi Folks,

I’ve created a custom rule action on AWS lambda which does nothing else then taking the Task ID from newly created tasks and sends it to the lambda.

The rule is working perfectly fine but after a couple of hours it breaks out of the nowhere. Since there are no logs available to app developers it’s really hard to tell what causes the issue.

I’ve checked the logs for the Lambda and API Gateway but I can’t find any errors. Ever request made to the app server returned a 200.

I’ve read in another post that the Slack integration had the same issues but there was no documentation how to solve this.

Any clue welcome.


Hi @Patrick_Przybilla,

Based on my understanding, that would likely mean that either the lambda function is sending Asana back something other than a 200 response, or that it’s not sending any response quickly enough (no, I don’t know how long their threshold is) so Asana treats it as a failure.