Custom fields needed on subtasks

HI @Jonny_MacEachern, you can learn more about this in the following post: Custom fields needed on subtasks

I get “It looks like you don’t have access to this” when I click that link

Apologies, the link was wrong, you should now be able to access it :slight_smile:

Hi Asana admin,
Any news yet?
right now Asana doesnt want to list all sub-tasks in the same list view page.

If you give us an addition list view page where all subtasks can be listed/viewed in the same page as Wrike or many other online project management tools out there, then we can see all custome fields for all subtasks easily. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for you guys to do this?

See example how Wrike list all subtask in either Table view or Ganttchart view here

Please consider that it might be a design/product decision, not a technical decision.


Hi Bastien,

If it’s a design decision then Asana should announce it directly to everyone that they will not implement this feature and close down the topic.

I am following many topic feedbacks in Jira community, Atlassian team is very clear and determined. If a requested feature will not be included in their product roadmap within 2+ years, they just close down the topic. Here in Asana is different, some topics still last for 3-4 years and still not much progress.

Just an example, list view is some of the very fundamental view for project managers, and just now Asana implemented a new list view . I do appreciate Asana implemnted the new list view, but we still cannot re-order the columns, neither can we adjust the column’s width.

I belive many Asana users here wish the development process could be faster than it is right now.

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Hi @Kimi,

You can actually re-order columns in the new list view, and while there is not yet a way to make a column any width you want, you can choose between two widths, smaller or larger:


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Thank you for your tips @Phil_Seeman.

You are right, we can move and resize the column, but drag and drop is so much preferable and much more user-friendly :slight_smile: Right now we can only move the column step by step. If there are 6 columns in the list and the column you want to move is located in the far left side, you have to click, click, and click several times before you can move the selected column to the far right position.

There are columns that take lot of spaces (See my screenshot) we cannot make shrink them smaller. Drag and Drop would be so much better here :slight_smile:


What’s the status on adding Custom Fields for Subtasks? It would be nice to be able to track issues with custom fields.


I wish Asana would have the basic functionality available, such as Subtask view, good description fields within tasks, subtasks fields. It’s SO behind of what for example Wrike is doing. Asana is pretty much like a To-Do solution, not a project management at scale. I hope this will improve soon, otherwise I feel I need to do some change management and move away from Asana. :frowning:


I agree to have fields on Sub-task is imperative. Many people treat Project for managing a portfolio of projects, hence the requirement for having custom fields available in sub-task is imperative

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+1 to wanting an option to allow subtasks to be automatically attached to their parent task project. Maybe an option in Hacks so it’s not required if not needed :slight_smile:

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Absolute must have and it’s been over 3 years since it’s been brought up without a solution. The fact that the expected user experience is to take all of these manual steps is infuriating when all other work management software out there (JIRA) do this very well and have for a long time. I’m close to piloting a move to JIRA and abandonment of Asana at this point. Custom fields should simply be available on subtasks and should not be technically difficult.

As for my need – I want to set up CSV upload templates for deliverables types. Specific deliverables will always have the same steps to achieve with an easily calculable estimate associated with them (like a landing page needing 1. UX 2. Editorial 3. Design 4. Proofing etc). I’d love to build a CSV upload that contains all of the tasks (deliverables) and subtasks (steps to achieve deliverable on a per-resource basis) where the subtasks are uploaded with an associated estimate. It would make building a project board out take about 10 minutes instead of an hour+ depending on complexities due to all of the manual steps.

IMO this is unacceptable that this functionality does not exist.

One other thing to note - I tried to work around this by associating (in the CSV upload) the subtasks to be created with an associating to an arbitrary project called “subtasks” to work around this and it doesn’t work. So even though the functionality is there to do it manually, it still can’t be done in an automated fashion. So a projects with 15 deliverables and 5 subtasks per deliverable means that I have to go and manually touch 75 subtasks to associate them to a project and add a time estimate. UNACCEPTABLE.