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You probably already know Minimalist Work - Custom Fields, my latest tool to list all custom fields inside an organization. The site just evolved with a new feature: the first custom fields marketplace!

Because I think custom fields are awesome and provide great value, I thought it would be great to be able to share a field with others. Whether the field is very long to create, or is very well thought, the marketplace is the place to go to share your fields! Contact me to add yours, and feel free to share any feedback!



Very cool utility, Bastien! :+1: For these long drop-down-list fields, it’s much easier to install them from your tool than to have to retype everything!

A few notes…

There are a couple of fields listed with more than 50 entries; they didn’t install for me and I assume that’s because Asana only supports a max of 50 elements in a drop-down-list custom field. Don’t think those fields with more than 50 will be usable.

On a related note, you might want an error message when the install doesn’t succeed. When I tried to install those (i.e. Timezones), it just stays on the same install screen and doesn’t let me know that it failed.

But as I say, overall a great help for Asana users!


One other note: when it creates the custom field, it appends what I assume is the field’s ID to the end of the field’s name. I imagine most folks want want that; while it’s super easy to edit the name to remove it, you might want to omit it when creating the field.

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I should have more than 50 fields, that is an error.
The ID is a random number to make sure you can install the field several times without renaming the existing ones. But that is too geeky, I’ll remove it.

Yet another fine tool from the Bastien-bot (because I can’t believe it’s just one human doing all that app building!).

Nice work,



All fixed!

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Fantastic work @Bastien_Siebman, thanks for sharing it with the Community!

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Bastien, You are truly an Asana superhero. I am just getting up to speed with Asana and the resources and help that you provide to the community is amazing.

Thank You!