Custom dependancies

Right now we only have “Blocked by” or “Blocking” which is great from a purely linear task pov, but we don’t have things like “Is related to” or some of the other dependancies that you can find in Jira.

Apart from an expanded workflow for projects, this could really help to enhance Asana as a CRM. For example, I have a Contacts team were I have various projects based on wide fields of expertise. I work in music production, so I have teams for Musicians, Production, Marketing, Studios, Visual Art, Venues & Promoters, and Other. I also have another team called Sales with a project Prospects (although I could just as easily have that in Contacts it doesn’t really matter), where I have a list of all the artists and bands I want to work with. What would be great is if I could link various contacts (tasks) together across projects e.g. with an artist or even between production staff.

There are so many reasons for this, most importantly having a visual of who they already know in the industry. Another great advantage would be to categorize production staff into groups of people that have worked together and of course production staff that have worked with particular artists. This way I can retain some level of consistency, subject to staff availability across artist releases.

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