CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community

@Tatiana_Kazakis I am glad you are finding the tool helpful. If Asana would have all subtasks inherit the Project of the Parent task it would help tremendously. There has been a lot of discussion how subtasks really don’t belong to any project until one is assigned, something many feel needs correcting.


I am considering adding Estimated Time, Actual Time and Difference to this tool pulled from custom fields. Any interest in this? I can have it done probably in 2 days. I am still appealing to Asana to have subtasks automatically pick up parent’s project and then this could be customized very inexpensively for any report you desire. I am already giving this away free but I could connect people to my programmer to have their custom sorts. The logic hard part is already done. I have had about 60 downloads but wondering if anybody else is using?

I would ask Asana if it is realistic to hope that the CSV Export file is going to be addressed someday. I have seen suggestions often to use the API file but this Advanced Search and CSV export is the non-developer solution to external hard copy reporting and I would estimate this represents a vast amount of the community. The CSV file needs these fixes:

  1. Subtasks should always have a parent and a project to create a meaningful report even if the Parent does not meet the requirements of the search as it gives context.

  2. Subtasks need a Project, at least the project of their Parent Task. This has been brought up many times and creates many reporting problems whether to a CSV file export or to the Screen.

  3. Sections cannot be in the same column as tasks. Every Task and Subtask that falls under a Section has to show the section in the CSV file output to be able to do anything meaningful with the CSV file in regards to Sections.

  4. I am fully aware of B24 but clean hard copy reports need to be available and I have the baseline done and gave it free to the community. I know a very inexpensive programmer through Upworks that would allow individual community members to create custom hard copy reports at very low cost just as I did with a sound CSV file export.

  5. If a subtask is extracted from an advanced search it still needs its parent and project for context regardless if the Parent met the search requirements of the subtask.

Not trying to be difficult but these kind of things just need fixing so users like me can contribute to the Community and Community Users can take advantage of Advanced Search and CSV export. Spreadsheet use of CSV files are fine but disconnected data or lacking data causes lots of problems.

Thanks for your consideration.


ETA on a Mac version? Thanx!!

I will not be writing a MAC version. If someone wants to do that send me a private message and I can put them in contact with Developer. My guess is it would cost about $200

I promised you I would have written a way to track time on the way to tracking resources. It will still need to have to have some Asana works like

  1. Custom Fields in Subtasks
    Stay tuned, in the next couple days I will show you how this could evolve into a field selected CSV to PDF converter.

Do you know how easy it would be to add a custom field called Availability then have a mathematically computed field be Custom Field (Remain Time) X Custom Field (Availabiity %)=Available Time or easier yet a custom fields Est Time, Act Time, Avail Time, to see who has available time to work in a particular week. I have seen this in other resource managers and it is definitely available to Asana, just add custom fields to subtasks (Asana), pick up parent project by default (Asana) and keep up on the CSV Output. (Asana)

For those of you intimidated by the API, using Advance Search with CSV output file has a ton of possibilities. I will show you the rest of the pieces in the next few days and make it available. Unfortunately it will still be to Windows users until somebody underwrites the MAC version. I can’t keep paying for all these freebies :slight_smile:

As video will better explain the features, especially the new feature to pick what custom field you are using for time I made a quick You Tube. I will be posting the new free tools as soon as I add Digicert to it.
CSV To PDF With Custom Time Fields (Video)

Download CSV To PDF


James - do you have a Patreon account or similar. I would happily pay you something every month if you develop solutions that Asana have been ignoring for years.

I’m sure others would too.

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Thanks for the offer Nick, but I am likely to keep my developments to Sendana www.sendana.net and Sendana for Gmail under construction. I had my developer write the converter to show how powerful it could be if the CSV file output was cleaned up. It could turn into a report writer quite easily especially if I let people add elective fields with a space counter measuring whether portrait or landscape. I may pursue this at the point the CSV file fixes are made by Asana. Thanks again.


Hi @James_Carl
Are you planning to integrate comments and description section into your import?
That would be beneficial to me to be able to generate meeting minutes from our “internal meeting” Project

I am not developing this further until Asana adds some additonal fields, then I may make it into a report writer with the ability to select fields. Have you looked at https://app.bridge24.com/ which may have solutions for you.

This download is being fixed as another column was added to the CSV Output file for Start Date. I am thinking about putting the Start Date in as a field and fixing that Due date now has become one column over. Any notification of changes to the CSV file format by Asana would be much appreciated.

OK the program is fixed for the addition of Start Dates and improved in formatting. I will be putting the new addition up today after I add Digicert to it. Otherwise sometimes a download warning comes up. It has been checked. So, this demonstrates how powerful and easy it would be to create a report writer or simple list like so many have requested. I am hopeful that Asana takes the iniative to add Sections that every task falls under and the Team every task falls under to their CSV file as well as the much talked about subtasks automatically inheriting the Project of its Parent task. If this is done, I will build a web base tool that all platforms can use. Example Report.pdf (21.1 KB)

Just think of the different iterations and sorts that could be added very easily. All this begins with the tremendous Advanced Search Tool of Asana. I just need a little help from the “Big Guy/Gal” as suggested above. @Jeff_Schneider, @Matt_Bramlage and of course @Alexis have all been good about listening to my thoughts on this. Also another alternative would be for Asana to build out their report writing inside the program but I believe this would have a shorter timeframe adding Team, Project to Subtasks and Sections to CSV File. Open the PDF and you can see an example of a complete PDF Output including indentation for subtasks. Here is the link to download the program.

Thanks, James – I am looking to get other fields out of the system (completion date and completed by, in particular) – can your integration do this?

Is it in CSV export. On a plane

@Damon_Hemmerdinger my approach to this is that I have contact with the programmer and I developed it this far and gave it to the community. If somebody wants a different sort or fields I am happy to set them up with the programmer who is very economical. The whole reason I had it done was to show how powerful the CSV file can be if a few improvements were made. I think there is demand for hard copy reports.

Would love an intro to that person.

Looks like “Completed By” (person and the time and date) is not exported when I export to CSV. Is there a way to fix that?

That is an Asana question, there are a number of items that need to be added to the CSV file including

HI, does anyone know if this was ever made compatible for Mac?