Creating default calendar views

I’m a newbie to Asana.
I have created a calendar using tag but it always opens with the weekends hidden. I can click to see the weekends but I want weekends to be my default view. The help videos says I can choose any view as a default view but I can’t see how.
How do I create a default view for the opening in the calendar that I have created using a tag filter?
The help options seem to go around in circles.
I just want a calendar with weekends default view that contains a filter ‘tag’.
many thanks
Ron Bailey

Hi @Ron_B and welcome to the community! To set the weekend view by default, simply click on the little settings icon in the top right corner of your calendar and click on “Select view for everyone”!


Note that this option is only available for projects though; so if you ran an advanced search for a specific tag and open the calendar for this search, you won’t have this option unfortunately.

If this is what you were looking for I’m happy to move your thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other community members to vote for this feature request!

The facility to save any tag filtered list into an instant full calendar would be very helpful to me. Please consider adding this feature. Thank you.