Creating an Internal Communications Calendar


Looking to create an internal communications calendar for our entire organization that pulls both completed and incomplete tasks from several projects but doesn’t show all the subtasks.

Mainly we are looking to make it so the entire organization can see when all our events are as well as other top communications like emails and print mailings are going out but not the subtask details on all that is assigned with those tasks.


Welcome, @Erin_Bombard,

Tasks come with subtasks; so long as your tasks have the calendar dates, and they include subtasks, you won’t really be able to separate these without lots of duplication. But would it be ok to just have users focus on what they see (the top-level tasks) and assume they won’t be distracted by the subtasks by simply not taking the trouble to go look at them?

If so, then you have two options:

You could put all the projects with these tasks in one team and then use that team’s calendar.

Or you could multi-home (add to project) each individual task that you want to appear on the org calendar into an Org Calendar project defaulted to Calendar View.

Hope that helps,