Creating a Task if a document is dropped on another platform like box

Hello Team,

I would like to track outputs from external platforms like BOX. If a document gets uploaded to a box folder, can create a task based on the document being dropped and kick off workflow features?

Hi @Michael_Stadt , you cannot setup a rule in Asana to do this natively (although you can do the opposite, i.e. if an attachment is added to a task in Asana, then upload that attachment to Box).

Your alternative would be to use a 3rd party app such as, or amongst many others.


Hi @Michael_Stadt Richard is correct. You could however kick off your workflow with a form instead? You can create a form in asana with questions and an attachments box where the submitter can put info and upload the document and it will then create a task in your workflow with the doc attached!

Would we be able to use the API feature to get data from xyz site and then create a task which would kick off the workflow?

Sure! You can create a task via the API, and that task will trigger any workflow just as if a user had created the task. Of course you’d need to build the part of an app that handled getting the data from an external source.

Can you expand on the comment “you’d need to build part of an app”.

Using a concrete example, lets say I want to trigger a task when a document in uploaded on a 3rd party website. I could use a webhook to trigger the creation of a task in a specified project. When you say app do you just mean the API feature?

Thank you!!

Hello Richard/Danielle,

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I wont be able to use a form due to the nature of the workflow.

Also I had either of you had experience using Zapier or other simalir apps, my main concern is around potential security gaps. Curious to hear your experiences.

Thank you!!

That’s the part I meant you’d need to build; it’s unrelated to the Asana API.

Now, you could perhaps use a no-code platform like Zapier to catch that event so you wouldn’t have to write any actual program code.

In your example, if Zapier supports your particular 3rd party website with a “document was uploaded” trigger, then you could catch that event with Zapier, then use Zapier to create a new Asana task. No Asana API required. (Well, Zapier is using it in the background but you wouldn’t have to.)

If , however, there’s no platform like Zapier that supports your 3rd party website, then you’ll have to write code yourself to catch the “document is uploaded” user action - that’s the part I meant you’d need to build - and then of course use the Asana API to create a task.