Creating a custom template for all my projects: unable to save the "last modified field" and keep sections collapsed

Hi dear Asana community,

I’m trying to create a custom template from an existing project in order to use it in all my future projects.

I’ve saved the template from the existing project, but I’m unable to get the “Last modified on” field. I have to manually create it within each new project. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Also, I wanted to know if I could keep some section collapsed in “List view”. It’s saved in the original project, but it’s not kept in the projects created from the template.

I’m looking forwards to your advices. Have a great day.

Kind regards

Do you mean create it in each project, or show it? You don’t need to create it in each, but you may need to use the “Hide” menu to display it in each. There’s a bug report related to this:

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Hi @Phil_Seeman, and thank you for your answer. This seems to be the bug described in this topic.

The “Last modified on” field is present in the original project from which I create the template. But when I create a new project from that template, the “Last modified on” isn’t shown. I have to “unhide” it manually.

I’ve also seen that the Gantt view is also missing, whereas it exists in the original project. All the other views are imported when using the template to create a new project.

Hi @SvenDenns ,

I can’t speak to the first issue, as that does seem like a bug based on @Phil_Seeman’s reply.

RE: your second note about Gantt view, I believe this may stem from a combo of Gantt being a relatively new view for Asana plus the inability to save views to templates (see this thread). For now, I think you’ll have to continue manually adding it, but consider giving that thread an update and/or creating a new product feedback topic specifically on Gantt views in project templates.


Hi @Stephen_Li

Thank you for your answer. @Phil_Seeman was totally right, it seems to be this bug. Do we know where the problem comes from: is it the template save process or its restoration?

Thanks for explaining the problem with the Gantt view. So there’s actually no possibility to save the views from the header in the template. I’ll definitely give an update to the thread you linked me in order for this function to be implemented in the future.

I’ve seen that people were also talking about project duplication. Could it be a good idea to have a “template project (without any task)” to duplicate for each new project? I’m a solo worker and all my projects will rely on the same template to start with.

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We don’t know; but I’m not sure that it matters?

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You’re right @Phil_Seeman, it’s not really important.

It’s more to know if the information saved in the template are correct and the problem comes from the restoration or if the saved template has problems on its own.